Combine various debts into a loan

Belgians are increasingly faced with small debts, which can lead to considerable problems. It appears to be the crisis that makes it impossible for us to pay for parking fines, bills from energy suppliers and other relatively low costs. The low costs are not worth the procedure, but if we do not pay the bills quickly, they will still have to be used. It therefore seems more sensible to look at a loan, such as in the form of a revolving credit. It is possible in this way to pay off small debts immediately in order to prevent high costs.


High cost bailiff

debt loan

Do you not pay a bill from an energy supplier or a parking fine? Then, as a result of the procedure, considerable costs may be added. For example, collecting a $ 25 debt entails $ 100 in costs. The chairman of the National Chamber of Bailiffs (NKGB) indicates that they are increasingly confronted with this. The moment that a few are left behind every day, the risk of a procedure becomes a little higher. It is then better to think about a loan, if only to settle all arrears in one go.


Substantial increase in the work of bailiffs

debt loan

The NKGB indicated in the annual report that the bailiffs had to move more than 2.1 million times in the past year, at the request of litigants. More than 1 million people have consulted a bailiff at his office, which is a good way to indicate the huge demand. The state is also happy to use it, for example to collect direct taxes, VAT, registration fees and fines.


Take out a loan and pay bills

money loan

In certain cases, it is wise to take out a loan in order to be able to settle all the bills at once. You then pay interest on the amount that you borrow, but on the other hand you can ensure that you do not have to pay the costs for a bailiff. Then pay off the loan in a number of installments, so that from that moment on you can ensure that you pay all the fines and bills on time. A credit is therefore a good outcome, to give you a little more time to meet the costs and to arrange everything properly.

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